how to start a brokerage firm in india

19/06/2009 How would it be if start one in partnership. I know it takes a lot of hard work like getting approval from SEBI, collaborating with NSE/BSE, setting up office, recruiting employees, finding customers, marketing etc.The legal setup is harder than the business setup to establish. ... More

how to use hindi keyboard

In my example, I chose Hindi Traditional for the keyboard language. Scroll down to the Using the Language Bar section to see how to type into different applications using the new language. Change Keyboard Language in XP ... More

how to turn a woman on with words

Special Presentation: How to Switch a Few Words You Use and Turn a Woman On Better Game ура, это ... More

how to start a personal blog page on facebook

Important: You must have a personal Facebook profile to create and manage a Facebook Business Page, but they function very differently. Personal Profiles vs. Business Pages Your Personal Profile is meant to keep up with friends and family on a daily basis. ... More

how to train your dragon hd movie download

How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 720p 1080p Movie Download hd popcorns. Synopsis. How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 720p 1080p Movie Download hd popcorns ... More

how to show interest but not desperate

A job interview is like dating you want to seem interested but not overly interested to the point where youre undesirable available but in demand, agreeable but with limits. People look ... More

how to tell if he enjoys you in bed

If you did that then you wouldn't be in the moment, which means you would wind up being bad in bed because you're over thinking it and you're not at ease. You can tell whether they're enjoying it or not though. There's a huge difference between somebody breathing a sigh of relief at the end of your session and somebody who's screaming out and swinging from the rafters. If your partner doesn't ... More

how to set a default q on logic

An RS latch has a stable Q high state and a stable !Q high state, but it also has an essentially infinite number of metastable states. When the latch is in a metastable state, the outputs may arbitrarily switch high and low for an arbitrary length of time, though in practice most metastable states fairly quickly resolve into a stable state. ... More

how to show with utensils that you finished eating

When the meal was done, the knife was wiped clean on a napkin and carefully returned to your person. The knife was worn so habitually that as with a watch you might start to regard it as a ... More

how to work out 80

To calculate an 80% LVR, David multiplies his deposit amount by five , which works out to be $35,000 x 5 — giving him an upper property price limit of $175,000. ... More

how to use zexux zx head lamp

Maruti Celerio Zxi (Opt) price starts at Rs. 5.28 lakh in India. View Celerio Zxi (Opt) full engine specifications, features, images, colours, review, mileage and their competitors at DriveSpark. ... More

how to tell if someone on whatsapp

Messages on Facebook appear in Facebook Chat. They're not comments on posts, or posts on a profile or page. They're not comments on posts, or posts on a profile or page. When you block messages from someone, they can't: ... More

how to take a belfie

But if you're still willing to take the risk, you might as well do it right. We didn't really know what advice to give you in that realm so we asked someone who did. ... More

how to use logitech g keys

Assigning commands to G-keys with G105 keyboard When I assign a keystroke to a G key it adds to the previous assignment, so if I assign the letter A to the G1 the result is F1 followed by A. ... More

how to use lack thereof in a sentence

Statistics. According to data from the federal ministry of justice (1998) the average time served for a life sentence in Germany is 19.9 years. Life Imprisonment: mandatory sentence for. Murder, genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes against a person. ... More

tea tree water lush how to use

Lush Claims about its Tea Tree Water- Ah, tea tree: how do we love thee? Tea tree is extremely soothing and can work wonders on troubled or oily skin. We’ve also added juniper berry and grapefruit waters to refresh and gently tone with natural oils. Use this throughout the day to help tackle blemishes and lift your spirits. ... More

coffee syphon how to use

The siphon brewer I am using holds 250g of water, therefore we will use 15g of coffee, which is in line with SCA brewing standards. Grind size is integral when brewing siphon. My personal preference is to grind as fine as possible to maximise the force of vacuum pressure. A good starting point is a fine espresso grind. (lso see the video below). ... More

how to set up a leader line

6/01/2016 · In this video, fly fishing specialist Tom Reisdorf of Angler's Lane in Forest, VA, explains the relationship between backing, standard fly line, leader, and tippet, as well as the knots that ... More

how to get my beats microphone to work on computer

14/01/2013 · Best Answer: Two cables come in a box of beats audio. One that has the apple mic, and the one that doesn't. They both connect into a computer with its 3.5mm jack (there is only one for both). ... More

how to show appreciation to your boyfriend

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. To get straight to the point, he rarely shows his love for me. I don’t ask for a lot but I’d like to be appreciated. ... More

how to clear ebay search history

I have recently noticed that when I search for something on eBay, I start seeing ads of similar items in my Facebook homepage. I suspect Facebook is somehow stealing my search history. I suspect Facebook is somehow stealing my search history. ... More

how to stop kindle subscription

Start by marking Cancel Kindle Unlimited:How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited: Cancel Kindle Unlimited, Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription, Unsubscribe Kindle Unlimited, Unsubscribe Kindle Unlimited Subscription) as Want to Read: ... More

how to make set top box wireless

28/09/2018 · Most routers will have a Wireless Settings section towards the top of the router’s menu. From this section you can enable or disable the wireless signal, change the network name, and set … ... More

how to use schema builder in salesforce

This version of Ultra Schema Builder provides you the capability of creating Salesforce schema through use of MS Excel workbook. For creating your Salesforce schema through use of Gliffy diagrams and Lucidchart Diagrams, please contact us at ... More

how to write a reflection on a chapter

The reflective voice in memoir is the writer’s stance now in relationship to the experience she had then. It’s her looking back on that experience from a distance … ... More

hp 7612 printer how to stop excessive print head cleaning

I have a 7610. Using 3rd party inks you can usually print your way out of it. Look for a PDF for the color which is giving you problems (magenta) printed on a full sheet of paper. ... More

how to use used to in a sentence

25/08/2008 · Is typically used with a negative to indicate that a term being used is understood to be imprecise or off-the-mark (i.e., not accurate 'per se') in a case where the term is nevertheless useful to an explanation. Usually followed by an explanation or justification for the use of the term indicated. ... More

how to send suggestions to facebook

15/02/2012 · Now, only friends of your Facebook friends will be able to send you friend requests, and according to Facebook, your profile will appear in the People … ... More

how to tell if plasterboard or gyprock

If you've watched video 1 and 2 in the Gyprock DIY video series, you'll know how to plan, prepare, measure and cut plasterboard for installation. ... More

how to use sublime package control

Package Control is used to install packages in Sublime Text. LaTeXTools is a package used to build LaTeX documents. Skim is a PDF viewer used to view LaTeX documents. LaTeXTools is a package used to build LaTeX documents. ... More

how to get a 30 study score in english

You need to study hard to get a high score on the TOEFL. Here is a list of ten things that will help you get the highest score possible on the TOEFL iBT, and fulfill your dream of studying at an English-speaking university. ... More

how to work out the overall charge of a peptide

Write out structures for sequential deprotonation and place pKa values over the equilibrium arrows. Fully protonated 1st proton removed 2nd proton removed Net charge = +1 Net charge = 0 Net charge = -1 The first dissociation is the carboxylic acid group (using glycine as an example): ... More

how to write a email for job application follow up

For example, perhaps note the request, purpose, a reminder of particular projects, dates, assignments or papers in your follow up email. This sounds crass but sometimes a request comes a year or two after a class and I remember the student but not enough detail to support a recommendation. I don't need the letter written for me, I need something akin to a mind map to bring the student and ... More

how to tell her you want her

Take heed of this advice - there is a good and a bad way to explain your feelings to a girl. If you make the mistake of choosing the wrong way, you can fully expect to get shot down. ... More

how to use a park grill

The Park Grill is the only full-service restaurant included in the multibillion-dollar Millennium Park project in Chicago, Illinois. Its outdoor seating area is the largest al fresco dining area in Chicago. ... More

how to write dialogue in second person

14/07/2014 Second Person establishes a dialogue with the reader, youve been told, unlike First Person, a neurotics whining, or Omniscience, a dialogue with God, who ... More

how to walk into a handstand

Doing a handstand against the wall is not a complicated move. It takes some coordination and balance, but with a little practice, just about anyone will be able to achieve this. It takes some coordination and balance, but with a little practice, just about anyone will be able to achieve this. ... More

how to use manifold gauges

Directions For Use Caution: Always consult equipment manufacturer's service manual or instruc-tion sheet for recommended procedures. A C D B F E MANIFOLD COMPRESSOR ... More

how to stop delivery notification

8/04/2015 · Use this forum if you have installed hMailServer and want to ask a question related to a production release of hMailServer. Before posting, please read the troubleshooting guide. ... More

how to start labour naturally

1/11/2015 · Are you 38 to 42 weeks and wanting to have that baby!? Here are some ways to start labor naturally and avoid artificial induction and painful pitocin contractions. ... More

how to take big dick in ass

Sexy schoolgirl Crissy Taylor shows off amazing ass, then happily gets on knees for the moneyshot. ... More

how to take 360 photos for gear vr

Explore photos on Flickr in 360° with the Flickr VR app and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. 1. Get the Flickr VR App Oia Sunset, Santorini by Mantis of Destiny . Explore VR photos. Experience VR photos by clicking the new VR button on the photo page. Explore the Equirectangular group. Check out the largest group of equirectangular photos on Flickr. Check out the group. Transport to another ... More

how to send money from pakistan to china

Register Online & Send Money Now If youre a UK bank account holder, we will help you send money to any bank account in Pakistan quickly, easily and at extremely competitive pricing. Registration is free and takes just a few moments. ... More

how to start a kickstart motorcycle

18/12/2008 First of all the electrical system on any kick start bike will consist of the following. I think the best way to know how to fix anything is to understand how it works so i've written a brief description on each part's job and how they work together (I know its a bit of a read but please read it, If you can learn to understand your ignition system it will become easier to fix than changing a ... More

how to use 3d touch

Start using 3D Touch today to make the most of your iPhone. Photo: Lee Peterson/Cult of Mac Although Apple touted 3D Touch as a technological breakthrough when … ... More

how to set up conversion tracking on adwords

AdWords Conversion Tracking Settings. Now youll be asked to fill in some details about the conversion tracking you want to set up. Name Choose something obvious. ... More

how to send photos to newspapers

21/04/2008 · Just wondering...well, maybe more than that. I shoot events and usually send the director of the show a photo for them to send to the local papers. I sent a photo sized at 4x6 and 100dpi. I received an email that one of the local papers couldn't use the photo because the resolution was less than 200dpi. The editor stated that the photo needed ... More

stickamn rpg 2 how to win 100 00 gmablinmg

2 billon dollar man sucks Niggaaa you got 2 billion dollars wooow then you must really *** cause i got $476878844 dollars so beat that then you talk *** *** muncher!!! ... More

how to watch agents of shield season 5 in australia

The TV Show Agents of Shield episode 3 offers All episodes can watched live series Agents of Shield season 1 episode 3 enjoy the simple and ... More

how to set up outlook on iphone 8

While Outlook for iOS is a feature rich email client for your iPhone, it drops the ball when it comes to adding signatures, as theres no support for professional looking, feature-rich HTML sign offs. For additional help when you set your email signature in iOS, CodeTwo is a supplier of software solutions for managing email signatures that carry your professional branding across all ... More

how to send a fax to italy from australia

There is a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Australia and Italy. Under this agreement, you can get treatment and care in Italian government medical facilities if you have a sudden acute illness or accident in your first six months in Italy. To access care under this agreement, you'll need to provide your valid Medicare card. ... More

how to start up a photography business

Commercial photography can be defined as any photography for which the photographer is paid for their images, other than as works of art. According to the AIPP, inquiries about starting up in the ... More

how to use cortana on lock screen

4.Once finished, click Ok and close everything. Restart your PC to save changes. How to use Cortana on your Lock Screen in Windows 10. To use Cortana on your Windows 10 lock screen first make sure Hey Cortana setting is enabled. ... More

how to set up family sharing itunes

Family Sharing is an interesting feature of the iOS that allows you to share a whole lot of items. Together with Family Sharing, you can share iCloud storage, Apple music, iTunes … ... More

how to wear pandora bracelet

How to Clean and Care for your Pandora Bracelet Let's face it, you are wearing your bracelet to be noticed, so you need to keep it clean and sparkling ready for any close scrutiny. ... More

how to wear makeup with freckles

As a freckle faced sista I’ve often had a love/hate relationship with my freckles. Some days I want to show them off, other days I want to conceal them. ... More

how to start a microfinance bank in nigeria

Firstly, let us be aware that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has launched "Revised Regulatory and Supervisory Guidelines for Microfinance Banks (MFBs) in Nigeria" in the year 2012. Every MFB is supposed to have a copy of this and read every line properly. ... More

how to train a dog to speak

Click the links below for the easy to how to train your dog to speak follow printable recipe. One Pot Creamy Shrimp Florentine Skillet. Tuscan Shrimp Linguine ... More

watch how to make money selling drugs online

Watch How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2012) online Bmovies How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2012) Free Movie Streaming Free movie How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2012) with English Subtitles on and ... More

how to remove write protection from memory card using cmd

Use Shortcut Virus Remover to quickly remove shortcut virus from your pen drive, SD Card or Computer/Laptop. Includes three methods with CMD (Command Prompt) option as well. Quickly remove shortcut virus in less than 30 seconds. 100% Free program for ... More

how to write book reference in vancouver style

A full template and example to help you write a citation for a Book in the Vancouver style. Create your citations, reference lists and bibliographies automatically using the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles. ... More

how to set retaining wall blocks

Wall System Norfolk Retaining Wall Blocks 3235 Island Block & Paving_Tasman brochure_6p A4.indd 1 9/05/2012 9:38:14 AM. OPTION 1 Backfilled with 300mm wide blue metal drainage layer This is a common method for building low non load bearing gravity garden wall. Tasman blocks are built over a compacted gravel footing on a 25mm sand bed; all blocks are filled with 20 mm blue metal. An ag … ... More

how to write a really good scientific aim

Students must take great care and effort to write a good Methods section because it is an essential component of the effective communication of scientific findings. Results The Results section describes in detail the actual experiments that were undertaken in a clear and well-organized narrative. ... More

how to understand emotions for autism

To assist the person with autism to understand how another person feels, emotions should be defined as explicitly as "When I look like this, I am feeling (insert emotion)". The person who has adult autism also has the responsibility of letting their partner know that they are struggling to understand them. ... More

how to write a good song step by step

How do I write a good thesis statement? In this post, well give you an overview of essay structure and explain why a thesis statement is important for your essay. Well then give you a step-by-step guide for writing a Band 6 thesis. Table of Contents. 1. Essay Structure 2. What is a thesis statement 3. How to write a thesis statement a step-by-step guide. This series of posts will ... More

how to use a kryptonite u lock

SIGTUNA Bike locks - 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock with U-Lock Shackle and Bicycle Lock Mount Holder + 1200mm Steel Chain Cable Bike Lock price from $ 49 . 94 Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with 4ft Flex Bike Cable ... More

how to use metacognition on quotes

Metacognition Thinking About Thinking Quotes. Free Daily Quotes. Subscribe Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. Zig Ziglar. 97 Share A Muslim fanatic and a Christian fanatic, a Jewish fanatic, a secular fanatic, an atheist fanatic, a communist fanatic - all of them are the same. The thinking that, 'If you don't think like me, that if you are not with ... More

how to use sled at gym

In this workout, you’ll be pulling the sled using a harness. Use a lighter weight than you would with the sled push. Use a lighter weight than you would with the sled push. Each circuit has two ... More

how to see all gauge values in haltecvh

Renogy Solar brings 3 distinct solar panel calculators to help you estimate your power project requirements. Solar sizing calculator allows you to calculate your energy consumption and requirements to help you decide on your solar panel requirements. Besides this, solar cable gauge calculator is designed to provide estimates for wire gauge size to determine your need for cables. ... More

how to use the eternia crystal stand

They are attracted to the power of the Eternia Crystals, and that can be used to bait them out. " Help_4 " : " To place an Elder Crystal, you must obtain an Elder Crystal and a stand to put it in. It just so happens, you can buy em from me! ... More

how to see number of clicks facebook brand awareness

Brand awareness – as the term suggests is all about creating ‘awareness’ of a brand to make sure that the consumers know that it exists, and its products and services are available for sale. ... More

uni paint marker how to use

Posca Paint Markers are acrylic paint pens packed with high-pigment, light-fast, long lasting ink. The ink is waterproof, fade resistant, non toxic, with vibrant colours. ... More

how to make google main search engine

DuckDuckGo is fast-growing, super little search engine whose main selling point is that it doesnt sell your data. It doesnt track the searches you make or personalize the order of web results like Google ... More

how to use samsung stove

I’d probably use something like a cookie cooling rack — one that’s safe to use in the oven — to put under the food and put the oven rack on the lower level. Maybe even an upside-down cookie sheet would work — anything that would raise the food a bit. ... More

how to tell male and female scrubfowl

12/09/2016 · Its hard to tell if its a female or male but if it coo's it might be a male but still it could be a female and also if it bowing it might be a male but still could be a female Apr 27, 2013 Post #3 of 42 ... More

how to train your dragon book of dragons full

19/05/2016 · Book of Dragons How to Train Your Dragon TV PDF Sign in. Continue with Facebook Continue Minecraft Mods! Minecraft - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Ghost Dragons ! [23] 2:50. Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons : Super Mario Bros. Edition - Trailer Puzzle & Dragons Z . 1:00:00. Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in HD 1080p, Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in HD, Watch How to Train Your ... More

how to start being more positive

A positive outlook will help your staff remain encouraged and create an overall upbeat environment where people will want to remain. Thinking and acting positive go hand-in-hand. Never slight ... More

how to tell what version of mac os i have

2/09/2017 The last version of Mac OS X for PowerPC-based Macs is Leopard 10.5.8. And the last version of Mac OS X for the first Intel-based Macs is Snow Leopard 10.6.8. And the last version of Mac OS X for my old 2006 iMac is Lion 10.7.5. ... More

how to stop wordpress auto updating

21/05/2018 · How to stop Windows 10 auto updates. Windows 10 software updates install on your device automatically (whether you like it or not), but this guide can help you retake control and decide when to install them. ... More

how to prevent search engines from indexing a page

A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can't request from your site. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests; it is not a mechanism for keeping a web page out of Google. To keep a web page out of Google, you should use noindex tags or directives, or password-protect your page. What is robots.txt used for? robots.txt is ... More

how to use a trickle charger on a car battery

A flat battery is after all a really bad idea, and so it’s great news that such a simple little device as a Trickle Charger can help prevent a dead battery. But which style to choose, which features are a must and, once you have it, how to use it? ... More

how to teach your kid to play tennis

18/06/2015 The most important thing is to make sure that your child wants to be on court and takes pleasure from playing tennis: There are so many talented kids out there who, at ... More

how to use an ipod 8gb

This guide is ONLY for iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G users. iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users can use this step by step guide to jailbreak their iPhone using limera1n. iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users can use Redsn0w to jailbreak their iPod Touch. ... More

how to take a pretty selfie of yourself

How to Take Cute Pics of Yourself (Selfie) with Cell Phone Don't say I'm crazy, but I take a pic of myself and send it to my bf once in a while. We call this kind of photo " sha-me " in Japan. ... More

how to stop ads on android notification bar

I also tend to avoid apps with nagging advertisement, although in the latest Android versions it’s become less of an issue since you can now select which apps can show messages in the notification bar. ... More

how to say thank you in afrikaans

If you want to know how to say Thank you in Afrikaans, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Afrikaans better. ... More

how to motivate your high school child to study

Encouraging your child to be motivated is important for excelling in school and beyond. By taking the time to understand your child's unique methods, strengths and needs, motivation is possible. By taking the time to understand your child's unique methods, strengths and needs, motivation is possible. ... More

skinceuticals phloretin cf how to use

The world (and we'd like to think this site) is full of good skincare advice. But of course, some of that advice carries more weight than the rest. ... More

how to wear a black and white striped top

1/10/2016 · No matter thick or thin, but black and white striped tops are back in vogue. Personally, I consider this garment to be very Parisian Chic and retro inspired. ... More

how to work an equation with a cylinder and pyramid

Volume of a Pyramid and a Cone. Age 11 to 14 Article by Emma McCaughan. Published October 2001,October 2004,February 2011. These formulae are often quoted, but rarely proved. In this article, we derive the formulae for the volumes of a square-based pyramid and a cone, using relatively simple mathematical concepts. (The ideas used in this article are also used here to find the volume of a ... More

how to tell your boyfriend hes bad in bed

... More

how to understand the bible for a beginner christian

So my intention with this episode is to give you a complete beginner’s guide to reading the Bible. We will cover the purpose and the methods. So this episode is for you if: 1) You’ve never studied the bible on your own and want to know where to start, or 2) You’ve read the bible here or there but don’t know if you are doing it correctly or how to go deeper or 3) You want to be able to ... More

how to set phpmyadmin password

Resetting a user password can be done a number of ways: Frontend. The user can do it by themselves through the front end of your site: Make sure the Login Module ... More

how to stop a dog chasing its tail

21/12/2008 If a dog is chasing his or her tail frequently, it's important to examine their diet and to make sure they're getting enough physical and mental exercise. ... More

tulip sticky fabric stencils how to use

Adhesive-backed stencils have a low-tack backing to secure your stencil in place. The adhesive-backing assures that paint will not seep under the stencil. Adhesive-backed stencils have a low-tack backing to secure your stencil in place. The adhesive-backing assures that paint will not seep under the stencil. ... More

how to use fletcher 2000 mat cutter

Fletcher 2200 Mat Cutter Manual Read/Download Used with Fletcher 3000 Mutli Material Cutter Sold 10 per tube. Add to Cart Base Extension for Fletcher 2200. Doubles the width of the Manual mat cutting for sizing cuts, cutting bevels and producing V-GroAdd to Cart. The Foster Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter is a sturdy, precise, and easy to use manual mat. The Fletcher Mat Cutter is a fantastic ... More

how to travel from klia1 to klia2

Re: How much time I need to get to KLIA2 from KLIA1? 11 Sep 2014, 7:31 AM @Mikiduta if you look to the right this FAQ has all the information.If you have a smart phone download the full version. ... More

how to use tickets on zendesk

I would like to create a ticket with inline image but cannot get through it. I am using a rich text having a pasted screen capture image, the content is like ... More

how to stop giving suggestion or adviceat work

By doing this, you are suppressing creative and critical thinking and problem-solving and stifling learning. Instead of giving orders and telling someone what to do, good managers offer direction and provide high-level instructions. ... More

how to tell if a nail is galvanized

Galvanized iron and steel are corrosive to all metals except lead, tin, zinc and aluminum. Applying a protective coating such as paint to galvanized iron and steel will alleviate the problems caused by corrosion of the protective zinc coating. ... More

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how to use a light bulb to smoke meth

Different methods of smoking meth include using a meth pipe, using a light bulb, or using tinfoil. Smoking meth with a meth pipe. Probably the most common method used throughout the world is to use a pipe to consume meth.

how to use video hive titles with fcpx

Be sure to select the FCP X Title option in the Welcome screen. As soon as you save the Motion project, it shows up in the Title Browser in FCP X. As soon as you save the Motion project, it shows up in the Title Browser in FCP X.

how to turn off a card machine

If you want to turn an interface off and back on, run the down command, then the up command. Some Linux distributions include a newer tool called "ip." You can use this as well, typing "ip link set up" or "ip link set down" to toggle an interface on or off.

how to use std sort c++

29/08/2018 · C++ tutorials, C and C++ news, and information about the C++ IDE Visual Studio from the Microsoft C++ team. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

how to use macd indicator

The MACD moving average crossover is one of many ways to interpret the MACD technical indicator. Using the MACD histogram and MACD divergence warnings are two other methods of using the MACD. Using the MACD histogram and MACD divergence warnings are two other methods of using the MACD.

how to use mod patches

Description This mod page is the 'official' location for JSawyer Ultimate Edition patches. All these patches are for version 3.0 onwards of JSawyer Ultimate - do not use them with older versions.

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