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how to win punch out

A Punch-Out!! title is, for all intents and purposes, a series of boss fights, one after the other. Each opponent follows the tropes of a final boss; at first glance, he appears invulnerable ... More

how to use textwrangler for python

Ernest Obusek I'm not a python expert, but you might trying running 'print sys.path' inside your script and run that from TextWrangler to see where it's looking for modules. ... More

how to set default microsoft font

21/02/2014 · Hi, I want to change the default font for MS Project so that all columns on all views are showing the same, ie Arial 8. I have to change the fonts on a view by view, column by column basis and this takes too much time. ... More

how to calm yourself down at work

If you frequently find yourself feeling anxious, or panicked, your fight or flight mode is probably being triggered too easily and its helpful to learn how to calm yourself down when youre entering this state. ... More

how to stop throwing up when high

Vomiting, or throwing up, is an uncontrollable reflex that expels the contents of the stomach through the mouth. Nausea, on the other hand, is the sensation of feeling as if you might vomit ... More

how to use facebook to advertise your business

Your Facebook page is a place where you can publicise your business name, address and contact details, and briefly describe your products and services. You can also talk about your staff, history, or any other aspect of your business that is likely to attract other Facebook … ... More

how to set discord things diffent then just playing something

Lets take a trip into fantasy world and pretend that two very attractive men have just broken up with you. Both of these men are playing mind games on you but the intent behind the mind games are very different. ... More

how to build kayle support

LoL Statistics, Guides, Builds, Runes, Masteries, Skill Orders, Counters and Matchups for Kayle when played Top. Statistics include Kayle's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. Counters include who Kayle Top is Strong or Weak Against. ... More

how to study philosophy on your own

The study of religion gives you the opportunity to explore the range of answers to these profound questions, and allows you to consider your own beliefs and values. People act ... More

how to turn off the voice in your head

12/09/2018 · I want to learn how to turn this voice off more consistently. I'm hoping others have been in the same boat as me and might have suggestions on what worked for them. I'm hoping others have been in the same boat as me and might have suggestions on what worked for them. ... More

how to get motivated to work

It happens even to the best of us. You decide one day while binge eating junk food that your unhealthy eating behaviours must stop. You make a plan to eat only vegetables and fruit, and on top of that, work … ... More

how to set comodo to not scan a folder

Comodo Internet Security System allows to schedule the Schedule the auto virus scanner software. It automaticaly enables the antivirus scan on the scheduled time. It automaticaly enables the antivirus scan on the scheduled time. ... More

how to crate train a vizsla puppy

Training Vizsla Puppy To Hunt - Dog Training 101. training weimaraner puppy not bite Weimaraner Puppy Training - Teaching Him Not To BiteA simple Weimaraner puppy training technique that stops biting and nipping quickly . ... More

how to use digital thermometer for fever

GoldWorld Digital Thermometer. The GoldWorld Digital Thermometer has two modes ear and forehead, making it easy to use for any infant to adult. It gives a readout in just 1 second, which can be vital if you have a sick, squirmy baby. It also has a 3-color fever alarm so that, in a crisis, you do not have to remember what a normal temperature is and what is a high temperature. A green light ... More

how to turn off autoplay on facebook android 2018

However, when I load this website in Chrome v31.0.1650.57 m, the audio plays automatically, even though both autoplay and autostart are set to false. Is there a … ... More

how to turn eprint off

will automatically turn off after 2 hours of inactivity HP ePrintHP ePrint is a free service from HP that allows you to print to your HP These papers are glossy-coated or ... More

how to make my brain work better

From now on, Im going to make the most of the minutes every hour, and deliver my work with time to spare. Or, try this out: Ive been putting this off for way too long; its long past time for me to start the business Ive been dreaming about. ... More

how to start windows vista in safe mode with networking

Repair Your Computer Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safe Mode with Command Prompt Enable Boot Logging Enable low-resolution video Debugging Mode Disable automatic restart on system failure Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Driver Start Windows Normally Description: Start Windows with only the core drivers and services. Use when you cannot … ... More

how to teach oil painting

Course "Learn to paint with Len Hend" is free, is for everyone and you will learn to paint your own beautiful painting. All you need is place, time, your own materials and clear mind! Len Hend created the course to teach you to paint using oil and acrylic paints from the basics to more advanced paintings. ... More

how to walk to lose weight fast

How To Lose Weight Fast By Walking How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Starving How To Lose Weight Fast By Walking How Can A Skinny Girl Lose Belly Fat Lose 20 Pounds The Healthy Way Plan To Lose A Pound A Day Lose 40 Pounds In 2 Months In Virginia How To Lose Weight Fast By Walking Best Weight Loss Pills 365 How Can A Skinny Girl Lose Belly Fat. How To Lose Weight Fast By Walking … ... More

how to use morose in a sentence

How to use morose in a sentence - WordHippo. He was tired and morose, and a settled worry clouded his face.: In a sulky triumph, Drummle showed his morose depreciation of the rest of us, in a more and more offensive degree until he became downright intolerable.: ... More

how to write an abstract essay example

Keep in mind that no abstract, regardless of topic, should ever exceed 200 words. The sample provided here adds up to a total of 191 words. Introduction . As previously mentioned when learning how to write a lab report introduction one should remember to highlight the following key points: Clearly establish what kind of experiment will be discussed or will be taking place. Give a brief ... More

how to set up a panhard bar

21/10/2014 · I set mine up like this and it was perfect when the wheel alignment guys checked it all. on a side note after your new coils settle this adjustment may need to be looked at again to keep all things happy, my Dobbinsons coils settled a lot on the front after 12 months ... More

how to talk to actors directors

Even though the Director, Mike Policzek, (Wilbur Edwin Henry) advises Jerry not to talk to the actors, Jerry’s promising career, the legendary stars in his production and the amazing theater world of New York City overwhelm him into ignoring this advice. ... More

how to write boy in arabic

The name Aahil is of Arabic origin, and is used mostly in Arabic speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world. If you consider naming your baby Aahil we recommend you take note of the special meaning and history of the name as your babys name will play a big role in its life and your baby will hear it spoken every day. ... More

how to write add-in excel 2018

It is simple to copy / type in excel with more than 15 numbers. Pls follow the steps given below: If you want to type a number which is more than 15 digits, simply select that particular column, go to format cells, and select "text". ... More

how to start raspberry pi

So I have a python game (PyGame) running on a raspberry Pi. I have followed the instructions found on many sites for getting the Raspberry Pi to auto login (those all work), auto run startx, but I'm stuck on getting my program to run once the GUI loads. ... More

how to watch discovery go in australia

British First to Determine that Australia was an Island Continent The British Colonised Australia On the 1 May 1622, the Tryall , a ship of the East India Company was the first British vessel to sight the Australian coastline. ... More

how to stop blisters in foot frim tighf shoes

11/06/2017 How to Prevent Foot Blisters-Tips & Tricks Hello everyone, today I will provide you with some tips and tricks about preventing foot blisters caused by your shoes. ... More

how to monitor your own work performance

To do this you need to regularly monitor and review your own performance so you can identify your strengths and the areas where you require further development. Mechanisms for performance review Look at the sample templates for Staff Performance Appraisal and Professional Development Record (Word Document 29KB) ... More

how to set limits on wifi for different devices

2/03/2017 unGlue helps parents set screen time limits on any device Sarah Perez @sarahintampa / 2 years A new startup called unGlue wants to help kids better manage their time on connected devices. ... More

how to use toggle in jquery

How to use AJAX using PHP and jQuery Ajax. Ajax is an Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. with the help of ajax is build the connection between the server and client. ... More

how to use a military bivy bag

4/09/2012 · The surplus bivy was originally designed to be the outer layer of the modular sleeping bag system. The system allowed the soldier to use multiple combinations of the two sleeping bags and bivy sack to be comfortable over a very large range of temperatures and conditions. I was only concerned with the bivy as I already own a few sleeping bags that I am very happy with. ... More

how to send a sub message

Over a period of time, we’ve been receiving emails with feedback information. We’ve collected these messages into a separate folder. Now we want to reply to these messages with the results of the feedback and a thank you note. ... More

how to work with another on unity

The GitHub for Unity extension brings Git and GitHub into Unity, integrating source control into your work with friendly and accessible tools and workflows. Please refer to the list of known issues, and make sure you have backups of your work before trying it out ... More

how to have a one night stand on tinder

Even if you are trying to create a profile for the sole purpose of enjoying one night stands, you dont want to have a lude profile. Potential one night stand partners will more often than not ... More

how to take a screenshot note 8

... More

how to turn on hunger in minecraft

Wolves won't be inflicted with the hunger status effect if they're fed rotten flesh. If a player takes out a wild wolf in one attack, all other wolves in the nearby area will NOT turn hostile, similar to … ... More

how to take a picture of your own eye

Build your own web site - Learn how to build your own web page so you can share your eye chart with the whole world Find a web host - If you'd like to make your own website so you can share your pictures, then this site will help you find a great web host ... More

how to write a sad short story

It is a sad story, but if you will try to restrain your tears I will tell you about it. Al Mansour noticed that the merchant was very sad and downcast. But the angel of forgetfulness has gathered up and carried away much of the misery and all the bitterness of those sad days. ... More

how to break bad work habits

In addition, bad habits and addictions can create additional difficulties such as health, work, or relationship struggles. Better to find a way to to take the thumb route of finding win-win solutions! ... More

how to send full quality pictures on android

On Android, WhatsApp has full control on the devices’ storage and restricts users to picking specific file types only (text, PDF or Office files) using the Document option. And while picking different media files using the corresponding file sharing options, it automatically applies the respective compression algorithms, which in turn degrades file quality. ... More

how to teach guitar superwoman rebecca ferguson

13/10/2016 Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Superwoman Rebecca Ferguson Superwoman ? 2016 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited Bass Guitar: Ben ... More

how to set up a petrol pump

The lift-fuel pump will provide fuel from your fuel tank or fuel cell while the excess fuel returned from the Fuel Pressure Regulator is circulated back into the surge tank. These two flows generate a constant supply of fuel under any conditions, even if the fuel delivery from the fuel tank or fuel cell is reduced due to starvation during low fuel level or extreme conditions. ... More

watch dogs how to win poker every time

The second time you watch the same poker show, you'll pick up new insights. And the third time. And the fourth time. Every time you pick up new insights, you boost your expectation. And the third time. ... More

how to watch nz vs peru in australia

About Ticketek. Established in 1979, Ticketek is the leading ticketing partner to the sports and live entertainment industry in New Zealand and Australia. ... More

how to use a dial indicator

New and Used Instrumentation insights. There are 238 Instrumentation for sale in Australia from which to choose. Overall 61% of Instrumentation buyers enquire on only used listings, 39% on new and % on both new and used Instrumentation items. ... More

how to take tickets after booked dendy

Ticket — Not showing after booking I have booked a ticket form Pune to Hyd on 29-02-08,My amount got credited but i havnt got my ticket confirmation or PNR no and so.I have made no of call to the call center but no one there to pick or answer my call.Only recorded voice asking me to make the choice but no customer service exective picks the ... More

how to use virtual tablet on onenote

23/02/2017 · Since updating to OneNote 2016 (and windows 10) it seems as though I no longer have access to the virtual keyboard when in tablet mode as I did in OneNote 2010. ... More

how to write hello in russian language

For example - greetings in more than 700 languages and dialects (Yes, that's what it says. 700!). THE LINGUIST LIST If you can't find a language font from this site, the language … ... More

how to use abg machine

Volvo Blaw-Knox wheeled asphalt pavers are packed with features and options to reduce maintenance time, lower cost and boost productivity. ABG Tracked Pavers Volvo ABG tracked pavers meet all ... More

how to win great war of perfectures

4/05/2009 · In order to get this far, I started of as Wakayama. This is Sacred Ground. On top of this, I built a graveyard, giving me 5 skeletons each turn. ... More

how to use google tasks effectively

Wunderlist is a straightforward app that lets you track your tasks while staying out of your way. Wunderlist gets an A for its user interface design. It is pleasant to look at, s imple and intuitive to use, and it keeps unused features out of your way. ... More

how to write a new york times book review

Download, for free!, a hilarious essay by New York Times bestselling author Jason Mulgrew, plus get a sneak peek from his new book, 236 Pounds of Class Vice President, available February 12, 2013. ... More

how to search on instagram without an account

Search for the person you want to download pictures. How to View / Download pictures of a Private Instagram Account without Following. If you are here, you probably might have tired by filling surveys to get a software which will download pictures of a private Instagram user. It is practically impossible for such software to exist. Without following you cannot download the photos of a ... More

how to stop global warming for kids

Dear Armano, Thank you for your question. It's a really good one. There is no single solution, so let me give you three things that kids can do to help minimize global warming. ... More

how to train a goldfish to do tricks

by Jeremy. If you have heard of dogs doing tricks, now there are fish doing tricks at fish school. At fish school, operant conditioning and shapes are used to teach fish how to do tricks. ... More

how to join ballarat buy swap and sell

For Sale : 1990 Toyota Cressida Complete ; F100 Duel fuel – needs a bit of rust cut out; Both not registered ; Contact Wayne on 0408343238 ... More

how to write a good feature article with example

Making a start: a template for your first “hybrid” (feature) article Follow the guidelines below to write a “hybrid” article. As you gain confidence, you can vary your persona, become more sophisticated or model your style on your favourite newspaper writer. (For example, refer to … ... More

how to use fidge spinner with one hand

The user holds a pad at the center, and flicks one of three rounded blades. The spinner rotates around a bearing at the center. The light weight of the device and the low friction of the bearing allows it … ... More

how to wear ankle boots with jeans 2017

"Love Outfits What to Wear Ankle Boots for Fall Fashion 2017" "How to wear ankle booties - 5 bootie styles and 15 different outfit idea. Honey We're Home #anklebooties #boots" How to Wear Booties with Skinny Jeans. Bota Jeans Cuffed Jeans Curtido Ankle Boots Skinny Jeans Ankle Boots How To Wear Jeans And Boots Brown Booties Suede Booties Ankle Booties. How to Wear Booties with Skinny Jeans ... More

how to start in safe mode

Method 3: Boot Windows Server 2012 into Safe Mode Using Settings App To get started, you need to open the Settings panel. This can be done by hovering your mouse to the top right-hand corner of the screen, or press the Windows key + I on your keyboard. ... More

how to write book references in bibliography

If the citation runs to a second line, indent five spaces, or one half inch. Most often (and unless indicated below), the title of a publication should be italicized . If it is not possible to use italics, it is acceptable to underline the title. ... More

how to stay hard after coming naturally

Stay Hard After Coming. Group: Cheapest ED Pills. Like Share on Facebook 57 views. The enhancement industry has really evolved and the male penis pill has become a top enlargement option. We want you to avoid all the scams and buy Male Enhancement Pills That Work. Male enhancement pills are used by a lot of men who are insecure about the size of their male organ. Male Enhancement ... More

how to tell real gold from fake

How to Tell Real Gold From Fake Gold is an attractive and shiny metal which is most commonly used for making jewellery. It is a chemical element which is highly valuable and besides being used for making jewellery, it is also used in making coins, medals, dentistry, electronics etc. ... More

how to stop being a narcissistic mother

One Mothers Day she even turned to me and stated that she was the best mother.aah I think thats a bit insensitive & presumptuous seeing as Im a mother too! I began to realise she was the narcissist so I started to put some boundaries in place. 1. Not be her counsellor. 2. Not compliment her when she fished for compliments. 3. Take charge of phone conversations & be the first to end ... More

how to write to a file in python

The ability to check whether a file exists on disk or not is important for many types of Python programs: Maybe you want to make sure a data file is available before you try to load it, or maybe you want to prevent overwriting an existing file. ... More

how to use wapa app

Access the best of Wapa TV local programming and news coverage with Wapa.TV mobile application. Enjoy News, Entertainment, Sports, Health topics and TV shows like Entre Nosotras, Lo Sé Todo, Pégate al Mediodía, Wapa a las Cuatro, Sunshine, El Tiempo es Oro, and many more. ... More

korean language instructions how to speak

The Korean language is complex, partly because much Korean vocabulary was adopted from the Chinese. Korean is spoken primarily in North and South Korea, but is also used in Korean restaurants and shops, where students have a variety of opportunities to practice the language. ... More

skyrim special edition how to sell singal items

Sell only one item at once if you have many expensive items stacked otherwise it doesn't count towards speech. Links: leveling exploits , how to become skyrim vampire / pros and cons , how to become werewolf / pros and cons , Which merchants have most gold . ... More

how to stop itchy skin all over body

Eczema is a form of skin inflammation that causes skin to be dry, itchy, red, and irritated. This is a long-term, recurring condition but symptoms are manageable with care. ... More

how to stop craving sweets

Sugar cravings!! Gah. Do you ever feel like once you get that craving for a sweet sweet morsel of sugar it takes over you mind until you finally feed it what it is demanding. ... More

how to use kony visualizer

Kony Visualizer App Preview is a companion app for the Kony Visualizer cloud solution. App Preview lets the users review and test native and HTML5 apps generated from the Kony Visualizer … ... More

avent electric breast pump how to use

Step 5: Turn on the pump (if electric), or begin squeezing the manual pump. Use the pre-set let down function or short low-mid suction pumps. Use the pre-set let … ... More

how to disable spotlight search on iphone 6

How to fix iOS Spotlight Search not working. gadgeteer June 1, 2017. 3307 then General and Spotlight Search; Disable everything in the search results; Press and hold the on/off button until the slider appears, slide the red slider to turn off the device. Turn the device on. Go back to Settings, General and then Spotlight Search. Activate everything. You are only getting blank results ... More

how to search order number on amazon

23/02/2018 · Through Amazon, instead of clicking the “edit shipping” just click the order number. On the order detail page, scroll down and the tracking number is there. ... More

how to perform search engine optimization for your website

If you are a business owner and you want to gain more recognition and profit by going online then you should know more about search engine optimization (SEO). ... More

how to use bow easy template

HOW TO USE BOW-EASY (a step-by-step tutorial by Myléne Hillam) The Bow-Easy tool is a wonderful addition to your craft kit. It comes with directions but they are a little difficult to follow. Follow the step-by-step photos below along with the written instructions and you’ll be making perfect bows every time in no time at all. It is a little bit fiddly the first few times whilst you learn ... More

how to set up a system of equations in matlab

Using the data set, both Mathematica and matlab will be able to determine the constants. Using the data points, you have all you need to solve for the constants. Have not had access to matlab … ... More

how to stop biting nails and picking skin

7/01/2019 · I’m not sure how long I’ve done it but I bite the skin and pick it around the first thumb knuckle below the nail .I guess it’s like a boredom thing or a stress thing as well. ... More

how to turn off windows automatic updates windows 8

If the users would remember, there was a toggle switch present in the Windows 8.1 to turn Automatic Update on or off, but this function is totally invisible in the Windows 10. There are many tutorials available on this topic and many given solutions involve using Group Policy or assigning the WiFi network as a ‘Metered’ connection. ... More

how to solve trigonometric identities easily class 10

Trigonometry is like a river . At first we don't know where it will go and in which direction it will flow but at last it will definitely join in a sea . We should first start to solve the problem . There are many ways to solve a trigonometry problem . We should go applying our ideas and use identities . Finally we will reach our desired answer . ... More

how to use mongodb in windows 10

Install PyMongo Driver on Windows 10/Server 2016. On windows we install MongoDB driver using the pip command, Open the windows command prompt and execute: pip install pymongo (The pip command is available from the windows Python 3 package by default.) Example: connect to MongoDB Server in Python. To test the database connection, add following code to your python script and execute. The ... More

how to stop brass tarnishing uk

23/06/2006 · You can buy some brass lacquer from any good diy shop, it's a special varnish for brass, apply after polishing and brass will stay good for 4-5 times longer. ... More

how to use magnet links on utorrent

19/10/2013 · How to use magnet links to start utorrent with option /recover in Firefox ... More

darksiders 2 how to spend boatman coins

Welcome to the Darksiders 2 Collectibles locations guide that helps you find the 100 Boatman Coins, 40 Book of the Dead Pages, 30 Lost Relics *, 69 Stones (of ... More

how to use microsoft outlook 2007

Enter the Microsoft Exchange server address from the Outlook 2007 Setup guide in the control panel. Select the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box. In the … ... More

how to use mark vim

There are 3 powerful M's in VIM -- Macro, Mark, and Map. Each is intended for a separate job. Macro for recording a job and repeating it. Mark for bookmarking a particular position in … ... More

how to set folder permissions in windows 7 using cmd

Linux and Unixish system comes with chmod and other commands to setup/change access permission from command line/shell. However, when it comes to windows chmod is not available. ... More

how to use ur vcards u packed in toops kicks

The Resistance Exercises 1. Barbell Squat. Squats are an excellent and proven way of training your gluteus maximus (butt). You can add resistance by performing them while holding dumbbells in your hands or with a bar across your shoulders. ... More

how to turn off parental controls on google

Scroll down to Parental Controls, then select Parental Controls Settings. If you've downloaded the app, the Switch will prompt you to sync the console with the app at this point. If you don't want to use the app, press the X button to choose to use the console to enable parental controls. ... More

wikihow how to turn on a girl

I am a Wisconsin-raised farm girl who loves a good cup of coffee how to lose belly weight wikihow and a pile of good books. I am a photographer of all things, but I love getting my boots dirty on a Wisconsin farm to take photos of the many different layers of stories resting within the barnboards. ... More

how to search tweets from a specific user

Twitter user has a from field in their profile that has a specific town These items are checked sequentially, near as I can tell. So if someone has location enabled from their cell phone and uses Twitter that persons tweets will be tied to specific GPS coordinates. ... More

how to stop breast pain after weaning

Menstruation after pregnancy is usually delayed by 8-14 weeks in non-nursing mothers and up to 1-2 years in breastfeeding mothers. However, in some women period returns even while breastfeeding. Menstruation after pregnancy may return any time: - Within 2-3 months after delivery if not breastfeeding - Within a month after weaning from the breast - Within a month after switching from ... More

how to use vimeo to private

Currently, it is safe to assert that it is indeed easy to download private Vimeo videos by using a private app or browsers. Fortunately, there are many such programs in the market and the choice depends on your need and circumstance. However, it is important to look for the best tool that perfectly suits your need. Go through them and choose the best tool. ... More

how to use a sip address

At the moment the following information are provided to me from my SIP provider: username (for authentication) password realm (which is not an IP address or hostname) SIP server IP address Somehow I fail to configure baresip correctly to... ... More

how to sing from diaphragm youtube

16/02/2014 · Singing from the diaphragm is about actively engaging/contracting the diaphragm as you sing a phrase. It works together with your abdominal muscles and the other muscles of your torso, including your back muscles. ... More

how to write feedback for your manager

Giving constructive feedback to the people you manage may seem like one of your most difficult tasks as a manager. You may be worried about emotional breakdowns and inflamed tempers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you learn to give feedback effectively, you can avoid the drama and have an insightful conversation around performance, and how it can be improved. ... More

how to stop a paypal transaction

How to Cancel a PayPal Transaction. Posted May 4, 2018 by Lydia. PayPal is a convenient platform for anyone with an e-mail address to send or receive online payments. ... More

moxie tampons how to use

Ladies - As a youngster I was terrified of applicators and started my menstrual career with o.b. tampons. They were uncomfortable to insert so I used to use a bit of Vaseline (not very sanitary, but effective). ... More

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how to stop fake virus warning android

Without Wasting Your Time Lets Get Straight To Fix This Fake Virus Pop Up Or Warning Alert – How to Remove Fake Pop Ups And Virus Warnings- Friends Removing These Fake Pop Ups Can Be Very Easy With Right Guidance .

how to set up my debit card on paypal

The kind of card, the card issuer, and Payment Receiving Preferences settings in your PayPal profile may require you set additional fields. EXPDATE=042011 CVV2=123 Important: PayPal recommends that you validate the number of digits entered for the credit card and card verification code before submitting the payment information to PayPal.

how to write a sonnet poem about love

My favorite way to cheat and write sonnets is by stealing the rhyming end words of some famous Shakespeare poem. They’re all online; you can just copy and paste them into a Google doc. You don’t need to adhere to the exact words and rhyme scheme, it just gives you a starting point.

how to use urine bag

Basic urine drainage bags Urine drainage bag for the collection and monitoring of urine output.The product is intended for single use only.

ecwcs gen iii how to wear

Grade 1: Excellent to New/Unissued – All Military Surplus ECWCS Gen III Parkas are US Government Issued products and are rated in excellent to new/un-issued condition. Jackets may be outside of original manufacturer's packaging but they will show minimal or no signs of wear.

how to use frogg toggs chilly pad cooling towel

The frogg toggs Chilly Pad, Chilly Dana and Chilly Sport, are all constructed of a durable and organic “”man made sponge”” called polyvinyl alcohol. Maintenance and Care: Follow the instructions on the packaging for wetting the towel for its initial use.

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